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TCLabz Performance NOW

TCLabz PerformanceNOW – Advanced Technical Collaboration and Analytics


TCLabz PerformanceNOW is an advanced Project Management breakthrough using cutting-edge Team Collaboration and analytics solutions while leveraging standards as demanding as ISO9001, NIST, and other industrial/financial industry standards. PerformanceNOW immediately adds software infrastructure for the IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning because of our exceptional meta-data storage of a team’s activities in organizing teams, actions, decisions and tracking management objectives. TCLabz delivers advanced collaboration and predictive analytics deliverables powered by our commercial, Value Stream development software technology.


TCLABZ ConnexXTions enables collaborative analytics of information among team members for use in consistently feeding facts and also workforce sentiment into models, diagnostic applications, and predictive analytics solutions to improve business performance NOW. ConnexXTions supplies High-End, Value Stream Analytics from day one of a deployment providing Operational Insights, advanced Search, Linguistic Categorization and Data Visualization. ConnexXTions assists real-time decision-making leveraging historic information and your Connected Project Cases and Key Performance Tracking.


TCLABZ GLASS.DB is our repeatable ‘Global Link Analysis Software Schema’ technology that aligns the most important client Operational information (KPI Tracking and actions, with compliance standards) and stores information and meta-data to feed the most advanced analytics dashboards. It also enables clients to escape XLS drudgery and re-purposes terabytes of spreadsheet data dispersed across an organization for new uses and transforming into proactive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. GLASS.DB with origins in the most advanced analytics labs, helps our clients navigate complexity and find facts with the fastest known method in the data science communities.


TTCLabz StrategyNOW is a crowdsourced approach to enable firms with breakthroughs in market forecasting fundamental analytics products as well as empowering our customers with Product Leadership. The most important, competitive advantage we deliver is the ability to leverage repeatable solutions to develop customized applications to fit our client’s needs, leverage industry and domain expertise and introduction to TCLabz’ value added Alliance Partners. Our platform and industry-specific Solution Groups deliver Visibility into technical and financial operations.

TCLabz provides team-driven, operational insights and visibility for financial and industrial Performance, Innovation and Competitive Advantage. We develop and deliver advanced Collaboration Systems.

About TCLabz

Improving Operational Visibility and control from the first mile of the value chain
TCLABZ integrates collaborative solutions so our partners don’t have to

We develop repeatable use platforms collaborating with best in class solution partners at the leading edge of disruptive innovation so our partners can focus on executing their front line business. TCLABZ uses collaboration, crowdsourcing and our platform solutions in new product research and development providing domain knowledge and technical expertise to partners. TCLabz turns speed and nimbleness into competitive advantage with solutions that get to the heart of today’s need to grow the business, anticipate and manage uncertainty, reduce costs, improve margins and provides a powerful customer experience.

TCLabz StrategyNOW

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