July 10, 2013

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TCLabz is a business collaboration of subject matter experts and advanced analytics technology companies working together to integrate their products to meet the changing needs of several industries. TCLabz is based in Boston with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Houston, Chicago and Calgary.

TCLabz is a systems integration and business accelerator agency. We also lead with software development and support services of essential Knowledge and Asset Management technologies with our partners established globally. Our technical innovation produces scalable and often times reoccurring breakthroughs in Advanced Collaboration technology. TCLabz contributes product engineering results to firms which can deliver breakthrough technology in the world’s most demanding environments.

Differentiation in Machine Learning  – Analytics Engines for ADVANCED Project Management

Today Performance has embedded natural language search technology as well as our GLASS.DB presented in our demonstration. We specialize in analytics, data sciences, reporting, business intelligence, visualization and resource applications that utilize your existing business processes while taking advantage of the latest in industry-specific technology.


A unique aspect of PerformanceNOW is the specific method and capability to automatically generate meta-data from the use of Performance while teams are using it. Our most advanced customers wish to archive the streaming data to gather activity (Events, Content, and Context) for much larger AI systems such as IBM Watson©. Specific modules are geared for the implementation of Subject-Action-Object, linguistic ‘Triple Store’ technologies. This ongoing data-science foundation allows hundreds of thousands of PerformanceNOW analytics cases to be mined for suggestive solutions to common problems occurring in Industrial or Financial operations.

Advanced Asset and Workforce Management Platforms

TCLabz PerformanceNOW (Performance) is an advanced Project Management breakthrough using proven decision analytics solutions for use in several industries and leveraging standards as demanding as ISO9001 compliance. PerformanceNOW also adds software infrastructure for the IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning. PerformanceNOW:

Simplifies configuration and integration of your data to streamline root-cause and root-opportunity analysis by collecting Microsoft Office© documents and cultivating easy to use ISO9001 and Value Analytics ‘Connected Case Analytics’ for faster, much more powerful analytics. Initial training and adoption has shown to take less than an hour

Enhances Visual Link Analytics and Big Data Visualization to improve big data discovery and interactive analytics for analysts, engineers and executives to explore and share data through collaboration across your business and consistently around the world.

Implements Value-Added Sensing Algorithms. PerformanceNOW deployed by a team in an organization creates a local index updated regularly with new or modified cases for decision making. Authorized users can query some or all of the events from a central command console and get access to that intelligence in minutes accelerating production of analytics from MS Excel© to SCADA history in less time than traditional analytics.

Threat Detection and Cyber Security. Our Technology Partners supply high-end Anti-Exploit Technology which detects and neutralize known, unknown, and zero-day exploits in vulnerabilities that have not yet been detected, disclosed, or published. The creation and protection of Innovation and IP (Intellectual Property) is fundamental to all organizations via ISO9001.


TCLABZ PerformanceNow Provides:

Risk Reduction and OPEX Savings Opportunity–Identification, fusing our agile-collaboration methods supplied and outputs of Performance Analytics. We estimate this application will pay for itself from OPEX savings in less than four months.

Our One-Vendor Deliverable in Partnership with Leading SMEs, delivers Advanced and Modern technical collaboration tools. The targeting of its use and performance in your operation is typically enhanced with working closely with industry or expert consulting firms already familiar with an organization.

Operational Visibility and Control, is your organization’s Expert Targeting platform to optimize invested capital into Industrial and Financial performance and using Value Based Information to assess performance to create a continuously updating feedback loop on mission critical equipment and operations for predictive to prescriptive performance analysis.


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