California to miss 20% RPS goal


As expected California’s three major investor owned utilities will not meet the 20% RPS goal by the end of 2010 as required by law.  At the end of the third quarter reporting period the RPS performance was about 15% of retail electricity sales allocated as follows:

This is not ‘new’ news or surprising. We have known the target would be missed for some time, but California pressed on nonetheless setting a 33% PRS goal by 2025 by executive order.

To date, the sum of all renewable energy capacity installed that counts toward achieving the RPS goals is 1, 049 MW or about the size of one typical nuclear power plant or—bite your tongue—typical Midwest coal plant.  Remember we don’t allow either new nuclear or coal plants to be built in California—that’s one of the reasons our electricity rates are so high.

There is about 352MW of new renewable capacity expected to be completed by year-end but it won’t be enough to meet the goal. But we still feel good about trying to meet our RPS goals and save the planet even if we fail.

Now turn that ‘dang’ light off when you leave the room!