PG&E Smart Meter Feedback: Congratulations, You are Below Average!

That was the happy message when I logged into my PG&E account’s smart meter usage report online.  The page allows me to get updates on my usage today by 3pm the following business day.  I admit I don’t go check my PG&E electricity and gas usage that often for the same reasons my stomach acid levels suggest I should not watch the volatile movement of the Dow Jones average each day.

Sometimes you can get too much information.

But I like the PG&E site organization and the ease with which I can get a bottom line view of how I am doing.  For example, my PG&E account page tells me how my usage this month compared to the same period last month.  In my case my July billing period usage was about the same as last month.

The smart meter data page tells me my daily usage for this week, or this month or I can download my entire account usage history.  In my case you can see I caved in to my family’s whining on July 17, 18, and 19 when afternoon temps rose into the mid 90’s so my usage was above average for households similar to mine.  But when the weather turned cooler I put my foot down and left the A/C off—when my wife said that was OK!

On the natural gas side I was doing a great job in July with usage considerably lower than average.  That can only mean a few things.  Either my neighbors are heating their swimming pool—-please do not tell my family you do this sinful thing!  Or someone was skinny dipping in the hot tub every night having a much better time than we were at my house after dark!  This kind of information will give me a complex if I dwell on it too much.

So here’s the bottom line:  For the June 16 to July 15th billing period my electricity and natural gas usage was below average.  This month I’ll savor that realty because August and September are the two hottest months here in California.

So after patting myself on the back for my stellar energy efficiency behavior I am going out to the old beer refrigerator in my garage and get myself a silver bullet.  Is this a great country or what!