When Will Disruptive Technology Shift Power to Energy Customers?

Image via CrunchBase The power of disruptive technology to reshape and change the dynamics of competitive markets is not necessarily in the products we use.  Often it is in the ideas that make those products attractive to customers.  The more attractive the products the more transformational their use can be in competitive markets when customers Read more about When Will Disruptive Technology Shift Power to Energy Customers?[…]


Disruptive Technology is Driving New Ways of Learning

I was surprised at the comments I received about my rant about the need for disintermediation to transform higher education.  You can read them yourself, but the sense of the comments is that neither students, parents nor employers thinks the system serves their interests.  My call to consider disruptive technology changes in the way higher Read more about Disruptive Technology is Driving New Ways of Learning[…]


Recurring Revenue Business Models Work

The use of recurring revenue strategies can enhance the valuation of any company by improving the predictability of organic revenue growth and improving EBITDA by using best practices and repeatable solutions to reduce the cost of goods sold.  Whether the firm is building products or providing consulting or other services leveraging that intellectual property creation Read more about Recurring Revenue Business Models Work[…]


The High Cost of Sitting on Your Assets

For many companies today, preserving cash, reductions in force and hunkering down for the rest of the recession is job one. For some, this strategy may be fatal as competitors use this time to re-tool, re-build, and re-conceptualize their products and business models for the recovery and growth stage of the next business cycle. If Read more about The High Cost of Sitting on Your Assets[…]


What Keeps the Utility CEO Awake at Night?

  Turning Energy Strategy Upside Down, Part 3   If you are the CEO of any significant energy company or one of its suppliers you have a lot to worry about these days.  A convergence of forces is bearing down on you from the impacts of the economic recession and recovery; the change in national Read more about What Keeps the Utility CEO Awake at Night?[…]

Microgrids and the Distributed Energy Future

The promise of smart grid is creating a sustainable, scalable, modular, standardized approach to the power grid of the future.  Achieving this yoga-like perfection requires that we must simultaneously ‘go big’ and ‘go small’. Going big means finding ways to bridge the gaps between the regional interconnects so new sources of clean energy can scale Read more about Microgrids and the Distributed Energy Future[…]

Pure Essence of the Laws of Physics

Instantaneous, in perfect balance, universal—those are characteristics of the electric power grid.  Imagine anything else in your life with such exacting standards.  No, I am not talking about your honey–do list! More than 100 years after we learned to harness the laws of physics to create light, power machinery, and put it to work to Read more about Pure Essence of the Laws of Physics[…]

TCLabzTRENDS is the new name for ZAP! Crackle! Pop!

SOURCE: TCLABZ I started this blog in 2008 when I exited from Ventyx after an eight year run as division president for its Global Energy Advisors division.  I created Scalable Growth Strategy Advisors to focus on the disruptive innovation technology and global competition that are transforming the energy industry.  My clients were mostly software, data Read more about TCLabzTRENDS is the new name for ZAP! Crackle! Pop![…]

Which Way Will Solar Energy Go?

Life in the solar energy business is a constant battle between soaring aspirations for long term growth juxtaposed against the terrifying reality of falling prices and global competition.  Selling more might actually mean your solar energy business will just lose more money faster. There is, of course, more than one solar energy business.  There is Read more about Which Way Will Solar Energy Go?[…]

Debt Deal Warnings for Energy Subsidies

The drama that produced the deal to raise the national debt ceiling without increasing taxes is sending warning shots across the bow for many industries.  The message for energy subsidies including the tax credits and treasury tax grants for wind and solar as well as tax credits for oil and gas companies could not be Read more about Debt Deal Warnings for Energy Subsidies[…]