Light Sweet Crude Displacement

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and despite its well-deserved ‘tree hugger’ image the inland part of the Bay is home to a concentration of refineries essential to California’s economic vitality.  These refineries produce the boutique blend of gasoline not available anywhere else.  The EPA’s insistence on these unique regional gasoline blends is Read more about Light Sweet Crude Displacement[…]

Is California's Resource Adequacy at Risk?

California is experiencing growing concerns over resource adequacy.  The CAISO took the unusual step of objecting to the proposed shut down of the Calpine Sutter natural gas power plant at FERC saying the plant would be needed as soon as 2017 to assure resource adequacy and thus is made no sense to shut it down Read more about Is California's Resource Adequacy at Risk?[…]

THE SET-UP: Net Metering and our Customer Aggregation Future

The California Public Utilities Commission issued a decision setting a price utilities will pay customers with roof top solar systems for their net metering contribution of energy to the utility. The decision itself is narrowly focused on the net metering price question at hand, but it sets the stage for a much more profound policy Read more about THE SET-UP: Net Metering and our Customer Aggregation Future[…]

Smart Energy Data Privacy

UPDATED: July 29, 2011 The disruptive new technology opportunities unleashed by smart meters and the data they produce has provoked a debate over who will gain access to that smart meter data and what can they do with it. Recently, the California Public Utilities Commission opened R.08.12.009, a rulemaking proceeding on smart meter data privacy.  Read more about Smart Energy Data Privacy[…]

Judgment Day for AB32 and it’s not Rapture

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Ernest Goldsmith enjoined the State of California from “engaging in any cap and trade-related activity.” After ruling in March 2011 that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) failed to properly consider options to its cap and trade program in conducting its environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Read more about Judgment Day for AB32 and it’s not Rapture[…]

Smart Meter Customer Data Privacy: California Proposes New Rules

California Public Utility Commission President Michael Peevey issued a notice of proposed decision in Rulemaking 08-12-009 concerning the privacy protections expected of California’s jurisdictional investor owned utilities in the handling of customer meter and energy use data from the deployment of smart meters. The rules are needed to assure customer data privacy is protected while, Read more about Smart Meter Customer Data Privacy: California Proposes New Rules[…]

California's 33% RPS Plan for a Clean Energy Future

As expected the California Legislature approved a bill formally enacting the 33% renewable portfolio standard into law.  Governor Jerry Brown will sign the measure. Little else changes since the 33% RPS goal was set by Executive Order by then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  There is widespread public support for California clean energy policies. But the 33% Read more about California's 33% RPS Plan for a Clean Energy Future[…]

Regulatory Lessons from San Bruno

PG&E has been battered repeatedly over the natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno. Tragic as that incident is from a personal standpoint for those directly affected and from a community point of view, the question before the CPUC is whether the actions of PG&E as a regulated utility subject to the jurisdiction of the Read more about Regulatory Lessons from San Bruno[…]

AB32 Smacked Down: Association of Irritated Residents vs CARB

In what has to be one of the biggest ironies in a long time, the California Air Resources Board carefully planned implementation of  AB32 is likely to be stopped by a San Francisco Superior Court judge in a lawsuit brought by an environmental justice group claiming AB32 does not go far enough to reduce greenhouse Read more about AB32 Smacked Down: Association of Irritated Residents vs CARB[…]

Lessons from San Bruno

Regulatory CYA over the San Bruno gas pipeline explosion is playing politics with the tragedy to insure that the public does not blame regulators for lax oversight. Make no mistake about it, the explosion of the PG&E high pressure natural gas pipeline in San Bruno, California is a tragic loss of life and property.  It Read more about Lessons from San Bruno[…]