Visualizing Disruptive Technology Pay-Off

We face today an enormous challenge of making sense of the complexity that swirls around us.  It is not just data; it is the context in which stuff is happening that could change the insight we get from the data.  It is not just volatility; it is the trade-off analysis that slows decisions for fear Read more about Visualizing Disruptive Technology Pay-Off[…]


What Keeps the Utility CEO Awake at Night?

  Turning Energy Strategy Upside Down, Part 3   If you are the CEO of any significant energy company or one of its suppliers you have a lot to worry about these days.  A convergence of forces is bearing down on you from the impacts of the economic recession and recovery; the change in national Read more about What Keeps the Utility CEO Awake at Night?[…]

Ten Factors Driving North American Power Markets

SOURCE:  US EIA Many US markets have excess capacity even with 30 GW of Coal Plant Retirements since 2010 Canadian power markets in AB and ON grow slowly but fuel mix changes, more wind less coal Aggressive US Renewable Portfolio Standards are not likely to be met in many of the 29 states. We built Read more about Ten Factors Driving North American Power Markets[…]

The Mismatch of Power Supply and Demand

SOURCE:  US EIA The Mismatch of Supply and Demand. Many North American power markets (both ISO and non-ISO) have what might be described as too much of too many good things in plentiful power supply and low natural gas fuel prices.  What’s missing is demand growth to put all that generation potential to productive use. Read more about The Mismatch of Power Supply and Demand[…]

Energy FUD and our Smart Grid Future

Cyber terrorism is the nightmare scenario for the energy industry. Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) are the weapons of choice.  In the ‘good old days’ we worried about was hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and wildfires taking down transmission lines.  Because transmission was always more difficult to site, permit and build due to NIMBY and the eternally Read more about Energy FUD and our Smart Grid Future[…]

The Economics and Politics of Domestic Energy Production Growth

The good news is America finally has a national energy policy we can believe in.  Even better news is that this national energy policy is being defined, shaped and driven by the markets and the ingenuity of investors, landowners and business people all across America.  The challenge we face is keeping our government out of Read more about The Economics and Politics of Domestic Energy Production Growth[…]

New Energy Realities: A Low Gas Prices Scenario

A funny thing is happening on the way to the clean energy future–reality is setting in. There is ‘incontrovertible evidence’ about the economic growth and job creating effects of America’s unconventional oil and gas production boom – more than 600,000 jobs directly attributable to shale gas development. Even President Obama is praising the job creating Read more about New Energy Realities: A Low Gas Prices Scenario[…]

Spain Ends New Renewable FiT

Spain’s new Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy suspended the nation’s feed in tariff subsidies for all new renewable energy projects January 27, 2012 announcing that Spain could no longer afford it given its budget deficit.  There has been widespread trepidation that the FiT program would be cut, but the swift and decisive action suspending the program Read more about Spain Ends New Renewable FiT[…]