The Guiding Light: The Climate Crisis Meltdown Soap Opera

The combination of events that is casting a foul mood over the COP15 party reads like the plot line of a soap opera.  But the the actors are actual politicians working overtime to get themselves out of their sticky situation by reducing expectations for COP15 outcomes they can no longer deliver.  All except for President Obama whose decision to go to Copenhagen has not wavered—much.  He now plans to arrive near the end of the event since Congress failed to give him a cap and trade legislative victory to wave to the crowds as he motorcades past The Mermaid on the way to the adoring world chattering classes.

The CRU email-gate scandal is certainly a juicy plot twist in this soap opera even if it does have inconvenient timing but it seems to have scared off Al Gore (the perfect villain) from attending the event.

The ‘You’ve Got to be Kidding Me’ Effect

But let’s face it, what is really happening is that the combination of forces having the most impact is that the BRIC countries have hung together saying NO!  We will not shoot ourselves in the foot for your Euro-American political correctness.

China and India have now offered up goals they are prepared to work toward—and if they do so it would not only be good for the planet and good for their own economy and populations. Americans are also looking at economic reality and have come to the conclusion they we do not want to shoot ourselves in the foot either by imposing huge costs on our economy just as we seek to recover from this Great Recession.  These are the realities driving the reduced expectations for Copenhagen.

The CRU-email scandal can have a positive outcome if it takes some of the hot air out of the climate crisis advocates and forces a realistic and balanced look at the true climate science (whatever it is) and the economic impacts of cures that may actually be worse than the disease.

Too bad they canceled the soap opera The Guiding Light after 50 years on TV.  This climate crisis stuff offers an entirely new set of plot lines and intrigue.  Al Gore could even play himself!

So what?

There are plenty of good and sufficient reasons we should be good stewards of our planet and take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Following our politicians off the cliff for the sake of political correctness or their own political aspirations is not one of them.

We believe in science and technology and have found the inconvenient truth is that real science is trial and error and not all the theories work out.  Real science never tells us there is incontrovertible proof of anything because real scientists know better seeing science as a journey of continuous discovery not a mission to a predefined political objective. True science tells all, confesses all, seeks validation in peer review and competing research, admits error and shares the lessons from failure so others learn from its mistakes.

Now if we could only teach the scientific method to our politicians!