Oil Man Bites Wind Dog Story in Oklahoma

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We don’t see these stories very often.  That is what caught my eye as an Oklahoma Indian tribe sued to stop a wind farm project because they said it interfered with their plans to drill for oil and gas on tribal lands.

The oil ‘man’ in this case is the Osage Nation and on October 18th it filed suit against the wind ‘dog’ the, Wind Capital Group, claiming the tribe owns the mineral rights in Osage County, Oklahoma., and that it would rather have oil and gas that wind. Under state law, the Oklahoma tribe says the 150 MW from the 94 GE 1.6-MW wind turbines for the Wind Capital Project “will illegally interfere with the construction, operation and maintenance of the flow lines and transmission lines to the detriment of the Osage mineral estate and Osage Nation.”

A court hearing is scheduled for October 26th since construction is supposed to begin in November.

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