April 21, 2016


PerformanceNOW adds significant value to most Operational Excellence, Compliance, and Knowledge Management projects by minimizing OPEX and better targeting CAPEX. Implementations show optimization of team-innovation and tangible ROI of 10-30% in industrial scale operations.

TCLabz practices solution development with leading technology firms complimenting the PerformanceNOW process. Once a team begins creating their WorkSpaces, TCLabz attends strategy meetings with our eye on value analytics design required from advanced to simple; for example Machine Learning as an advanced next step for Augmented Intelligence, or supplying your process improvement transformation. Our company developers have competence in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET, PHP, Node.js, SQL and NoSQL technologies.tcl-on-3TCLabz’ software product PerformanceNOW, has leveraged many of the most important, High-End methods for continuous improvement of a business process as well thorough study and development of methods which both millennials and seasoned workforces wish to utilize. Performance delivers the fastest avenue for Value Analytics, Root Cause and Root Opportunity themes in a software deliverable. However, additives such as leading/interactive Process Flow Diagram systems and advanced Value Stream Analytics are our recommendation as well.

Combining Problem/Status ‘Integrated Case Analytics’ and allowing knowledge workers to Value-Rank collections of project information as well as Expert-Human Observations; is a proven method as well as an essential element of building Machine-Learned insights. The TCLabz platform has shown user adaptation (to use our advanced Value Ranking systems) is routine: Advanced yet Easy. PerformanceNOW leverages standards like ISO9001, the internationally accepted process standards to enable teams to Plan, Construct and Act on collections from Office©, spreadsheet data, and configure it in a machine-readable way for use in Quality/Safety analytics, and IoT frameworks. PerformanceNOW provides powerful methods of Value Analytics in a many-contributor project to extract the maximum value from your legacy data and helps Rank any element of a project to help your staff collaborate and innovate.


First Impressions and Layout for our users

Upon the first login, knowledge workers are presented with a familiar, very responsive and high-definition collection of modules. With minor amounts of ‘training’ users tend to start filling out their profile and observing the functions. ‘Notes’ are actually the Connected Case Analytics systems (in software this function is called Content Cultivation). See also Tasks, Documents etc.


Modern Tagging and Custom Properties are an advanced Value Tracking system that makes Advanced and Simple Decision-Analytics as a flexible or specific as a team requires

Our platform is, in fact, Learning on Day One. For example, items tagged by any member of your team in the interface produces an agile-index. Terms, Content. People, Assets and all ‘Office’ elements and then Connected Case Files with any dimension available for analytics which is high-end visibility results as daily or final research, reporting or assessment is conducted over time.

Collaborative Analytics

Collaborative Analytics

Advanced Charting, Interactive Analytics

Objects and all metadata entered and processed (events occurring while teams us the platform) are available for standard to advanced types of charting. The most difficult to master being interactive Link Analytics and Geospatial plug-in. Differentiating PerformanceNOW from Business Intelligence software are the advanced Content and Methods- Cultivation presented.

PerformanceNOW helps you aggregate, configure and extract insights across the portfolio or your entire organization making better use of advanced analytics, machine learning, and IoT applications to provide a real-time or near real-time rapid response feedback loop for performance optimization. Leveraging value-based project management knowledge of critical information and insight empowers your field crews to rapidly respond and offers real potential for improved operating performance, reduced costs and enhanced shareholder value.

PerformanceNOW Dashboard Designer

PerformanceNOW Dashboard Designer


The Highlight. For any International Standard to advanced, Decision Science method like Value Stream Analytics  TCLabz has created the first of its kind, flexible-method input system which gives users the ability to enter numeric rankings of Risk, Opportunity or Observations, while collecting thousands of types of content FAST. Pattern analysis of operating data and Expert Driven Ranking over time provides valuable, predictive analytics insight into possible equipment failure or shutdowns to avoid equipment replacement at costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Avoiding costly workovers is critical to performance optimization at the front lines.





KPI and Logistics Tracking

KPI and Logistics Tracking