Are You Smarter than Your Smart Meter?

Are You Smarter than Your Smart Meter?

For the past year and a half since PG&E installed smart meters on my electricity and natural gas lines at my home I have been writing about smart meter technology, customer education and the implications of changes in our energy use brought about by changing technology.

These blog posts have been the most frequented of all my writing and have generated the most feedback.

I coined a phrase “the Bakersfield Effect” in these blog posts to describe the customer push-back from the unintended consequences of smart meters, changing utility rate designs, weather and politics.  It caught on and I see it often now in ‘ping-backs’ searching for that tag

After I wrote “Life with my Smart Meter after one Year” I decided to collect these rants and raves into one document adding more commentary about the policy, product strategy and customer implications for the transition to smart meters and their role in living into the promise of smart grid for the electric power industry future.  It now has been published as a Kindle Single called

Are Your Smarter than Your Smart Meter?

You can find it at the link above on Amazon.  While you are there check out the business model potential of Kindle Singles designed for short stories, booklets and brochures and other manuscripts of 10,000 to 50,000 words—shorter than a book but longer than a blog post or news story. A low price point of $1.99 to $4.99 is designed to encourage scalable sales and a long tail of revenue.

It represents a new way for consultants, research advisory firms or others who create content but don’t know how to productize it or monetize it to create recurring revenue streams from their work efforts.  I recommend it to my strategy advisory clients as a new venue for putting your name and credentials in front of prospective clients.

The small price for a Kindle Single is an important qualifier. Those who spend money to gain access to useful information are more likely to end up calling you for more if they like your work.  You won’t get rich off Kindle Singles but you might get well qualified leads for your products and services.  And you can put the marketing power of Amazon to work or you at no cost in a controlled way.

It may not have the sex appeal of iTunes as an outlet but I don’t have to compete with Lady Gaga or Fifty Cent either.

Check it Out!