Field Data Capture and Synch Made Easy

No guesswork, no doubts, no hassles—-it’s data gathering made EASY!  That is the need of any oil and gas business from the Alberta oil sands to the unconventional oil and gas plays across the US.

TCLABZ based in Boston and Hot Button Solutions based in Calgary announce:

HOTLeap™PRO is a FAST, RELIABLE and EASY to use solution for comprehensive data capture for remote workers or work sites.  It works with any Windows-based handheld device or with our rugged field data collection devices.  HOTLeap™PRO helps you consistently gather field data as you work and then synch it up when you can connect to the internet so it is ready for the next crew and the rest of your company to use—fast, simple, easy and consistent.

Optimize field data collection and integrationwith any Windows-based application for custom data collection needs. Configure field data tables easily for any application to meet your company’s established business rules.No guesswork, no doubts, no hassles—-it’s that EASY!
Validate field inspections and data collection for every site, every piece of equipment, every crew member everytime the handheld device is synched.No guesswork, no doubts, no hassles—-it’s that EASY!
Automate inspection and compliance reporting using HotLeap software to integrate field data to create a system of record for all field data.  Enable audit access across, permission other departments to access database and verify compliance. No guesswork, no doubts, no hassles—-it’s that EASY!
Fully integrate with CGI PVR & Enalysis for Detechtion Technologies using HotLeap software for a complete enterprise solution.  Make your mission critical field data available across the enterprise No guesswork, no doubts, no hassles—-it’s that EASY!


HotLeap™ PRO Integration

HOTLeap™PRO is 100% integrated with CGI’s PVR™ providing a seamless push and pull relationship between HotLeap™ and PVR to fully utilize the stored procedures from CGI and HotLeap™ to communicate directly with PVR.

HOTLeapPRO mirrors your company’s PVR hierarchy allowing users to gather and synch a well, tank, compressor, and other data once in PVR. Assigning a PVR site to a run is fast and easy by selecting the PVR site on the right hand side of the Run Creation screen and dragging it over to a Run on the left side of the Run Creation screen.

HOTLeapPRO data capture was developed with CGI to retain all of the internal PVR business rules so data is validated at the point of collection.  HotLeapPRO™ provides production calculations on the handheld at the time of collection as an estimate. Only the raw collected data is sent into PVR, not the calculated values. PVR then does the system of record calculation and sends the true validated PVR calculation to accounting systems.

HOTLeapPRO can create short lists for truck ticket internal locations, external locations and truck companies for each Run to make data entry fast and easy for operators.

By using HOTLeapPRO daily production data can be collected and analyzed by the field operator on site at the data entry point. Information collected from daily readings is synched from the handhelds to the PVR Database. This module has been extensively field tested. PVR users benefit from enhanced HotLeap™ features to increase operational efficiency including:

  • Wells, batteries, field locations, and areas are defined in the PVR Database and those definitions are transferred to HotLeap™ where runs can be created and assigned.
  • Administrators can set up a favorites list for each handheld. This list makes it easier for each run to have a list of commonly used internal, external trucking locations, and for default trucking company lists
  • Modifications in the PVR database will propagate to the handheld on next synchronization. Users can view history (individual readings or graphical representation) of past data collections
  • PVR gives Administrative and Engineering quick access to daily oil and gas production.
  • Field production calculations allow operators to modify settings for optimum efficiency

Hot Button Solutions is an alliance partner with CGI so when PVR is upgraded, the HotLeap™ interface is also updated.

HOTLeapPRO to Enalysis is an extension for the Detechtion Technologies compressor fleet management and optimization product: Enalysis. Through the convenience of a handheld, daily compressor data can be collected and analyzed by the field operator and available to senior management.  The information collected from daily readings is synched from the handheld to the Enalysis database. All the information you need to optimize your compressors is at your fingertips—and synching validates that all critical data has, in fact, been gathered.

Some of the features of HOTLeapPRO to Enalysis include:

  • View history (individual readings or graphical representation) of past data collections.
  • Administrative and Engineering groups have quick access to daily compressor readings to monitor maintenance need and improve optimization.
  • Compressor data field access allows operators to modify settings for optimum efficiency.
  • Effective data transmission close to the original source of the reading.
  • Set alarms, view history and graphs.
  • Provides seamless data capture using one medium of collection.
  • Analysis of data that is not traditionally available in a combined format (.CSV file).

Hot Button Solutions delivers a complete solution that is FAST, EASY and SECURE because the collected data resides on your company’s corporate network and is automatically updated and refreshed each time one of your rugged handheld devices is synched.

What you get with HOTLeapPVR PRO?  There are three Core Components of HotLeapPVR PRO™:

  1. Field Data Capture
  2. Centralized Management System
  3. Data Repository

1. Field Data Capture Features

  • Clear indication of which readings need to be collected on which assets.
  • Data entry supports validation, calculations, and alarm (exception) reporting.
  • Reading history can be viewed in both text and graphical form with history archived.
  • Application updates are automatically handled during synchronization.
  • Flash card based so that no data loss occurs if handheld is broken or loses power.
  • Runs on Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) and standard Windows desktop PCs.


2. Centralized Management System Features

  • Creating assets and grouping them into areas of responsibility.
  • Commissioning handheld computers as data entry terminals to the system.
  • Assigning areas of responsibility to commissioned handhelds.
  • Assigning users and areas of responsibility to security groups to control access to the system.
  • Creating the data entry forms that will appear on the handheld computer (setting labels, units of measure, number of decimal places, minimum and maximum boundaries etc.). Supported data types include text fields, numeric fields, pick lists, date fields, time fields, and check boxes.
  • Create alarm configurations on a per-asset basis.
  • Set the schedule for data collections (e.g. once a day, once a month).
  • Configure access to 3rd party applications.
  • Create CSV file reports on the collected readings and alarms.
  • Overall system configuration (e.g. setting the preferred units of measure).
  • Email notification when exceptions occur during handheld synchronization or when exporting readings to 3rd party applications.
  • Collected readings are automatically exported to a staging area to allow customers to build their own data mining and reporting tools.
  • Automatic generation of statistics indicating system usage (e.g. which handhelds are collecting readings on which assets).


3. Data Repository Features

  • HotLeap™ has a staging table with concise views of the HotLeap™ database. The staging tables are automatically populated with new (or edited) readings and alarms and allow customers to create their own data mining and reporting applications.

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