Lower Costs, Better Performance and More Profitability in Well Field Operations

HotLeap TRACKER pays for itself in savings at one well by alerting field crews to match methanol injection to well production rates across the well field.

North America’s energy production growth is the envy of the world. From the Alberta oil sands to shale plays across the US, we are getting down to business fueling our economic growth.

New technology is enabling domestic energy production growth and solving the most vexing field problems.  New regulations impact well operations requiring even more inspections, data gathering, reporting and validation that the rules are being followed. Low natural gas prices are also at work forcing field operations to reduce cost and improve performance to sustain profitability.

  • How do we get field data essential to monitor well operations into the hands of field crews in remote locations to assure production?
  • How do we gather and analyze field inspection and equipment readings to detect anomalies that cause performance problems, equipment shut-offs or safety or environmental problems—before they happen?
  • How do we verify that required inspections and field compliance data are being collected and reported to create an audit trail of our performance?
  • How do we monitor field expenses to assure optimal performance?


TCLABZ technology collaboration with Hot Button Solutions and Panopticon has produced HotLeap TRACKERTM  to monitor methanol injection rates improving performance and profitability by alerting crews to match methanol injection rates to well production.

When a well comes on stream methanol is injected so pipelines don’t freeze and is often over-injected initially until the well operates normally. Production rates start out strong and decline over time flattening out within a few months.  But often methanol injection rates are not adjusted to reflect production decline.  It is easy to waste thousands of dollars in methanol over-injection. This drives up operating costs and reduces well profitability.  On older wells production declines at a normal rate of 8 to 10%. Tracker helps monitors injection rates to keep savings flowing to the bottom line by alerting field crews to dial-back methanol to match production and validate the adjustment results with accurate injection rate time series data.

HotLeap TRACKERTM pays for itself in savings at one well.  But the big pay-off comes from quickly and consistently gathering this critical information for all wells across your field operations, aggregate the field data and analyze it to improve performance and reduce field operating costs. Better yet, those savings can be captured right away. Consistently using TRACKER over a large number of wells allows for the savings potential to multiply across the field to give the field superintendent hands-on control over costs and profitability.

Is this the way you still gather critical field data? 

This case study focused on identifying fast, easy and cost effective solutions for reducing field operating costs by focusing field data gathering attention on the injection rates for methanol.  A survey of typical well field operations showed that methanol injection rates were often set as the well went into production when output was at its highest.  But limited staff and plenty of work for them to do mean that not as much attention is paid to adjusting those methanol injection rates over time as well production settles down.  This means that methanol is often being over injected in many of the wells surveyed driving up the cost of operations.

Does this sound like your operation?

HotLeap TRACKERTM changes how you manage field risk not only by reducing cost from matching methanol injection rates to match the gas rates, it also provides a verifiable check to make sure that essential pumps are working as required.  A pump out of service and undetected can cause a serious pipeline hydrate. That is a huge safety risk and if not dealt with properly can cause serious equipment damage, loss of production and injury to anyone in the area of the rupture.

HotLeap TRACKERTM predictive technology protects your bottom line. Readings by field crews scribbled in notebooks are entered once on rugged handheld devices reducing field operations at risk.  Worse those scribbled notes prevent the company from “seeing developing problems” in equipment or field operations in time to intervene and prevent an expensive shut down, work over or accident.

Mobile devices used in the HotLeap TRACKERTM solution serve as a knowledge base for field crew access to critical information on well operations.  Once data is synched, visual data analysis software from PanopticonTM looks for patterns and outliers to see the insight in the numbers. Integrated field data from many sites revolutionizes E&P field performance.


Visual data analysis using complex event processing (CEP) technology is rapidly becoming a standard tool in markets to manage the growing volume of data in daily trading of commodities and stocks.  It is also used by energy and utility companies for fast response to field data reported from multiple sources. Keeping remote field operations running smoothly is key to production growth.  A well site out of service is not making any money.

Visual analysis dashboards use these complex processing engines to assess remote field data readings taken on handheld mobile devices allowing single data entry and stored as historical time series data when the devices are docked at the end of each shift to be combined with other real-time streaming sources that might include changing prices or transaction orders to enable users to filter, correlate, aggregate, analyze and visualize data results .The seamless integration of historical data with daily field operating data and real-time events improves operations, speeds business transactions and reduces the time to make required well site maintenance and repairs to keep operations running. In addition, detecting anomalous equipment operations or potentially fraudulent behavior in transactions becomes much easier and faster than before.

PanopticonTM visual data analytics software, treemaps and dashboard are fully integrated into HotLeap TrackerTM combining the rugged field data capture capabilities of HotLeap with the powerful visual data analytics experience of Panopticon’s engines and dashboards used in commodity and financial markets around the world—a perfect fit.

Panopticon’s Treemaps are unique in their ability to process and display data from real-time streaming sources and CEP engines. Panopticon enables HotLeap Tracker to use treemaps and heatmaps—powerful data visualization techniques available to assess structured field data. The solution displays tree-structured data in an easy-to-understand, intuitive set of nested rectangles. Treemaps were invented by Professor Ben Shneiderman at the University of Maryland as a way to monitor and analyze disk space usage in his computing lab. Today, these techniques are used in many industries to quickly assess implications and extract insight from large, fast-changing sets of structured data.

Treemaps are not static.  They change dynamically as data is updated when field crews synch their mobile handheld device allowing remote non-automated data to be included in the company’s overall analysis of field performance and combine it with the time series and transactional business data of markets around the world.  Fast, easy, reliable.

Improve well performance and reduce cost. Combining visual data analytics tools with a consistent, paper-less field data capture capability completes the circle. The real value of this unique information visualization is quickly apparent when you can zoom, filter and view details on demand. The size of a field in a treemap reflects its importance. The color conveys urgency; good news is usually shown in shades of blue and bad news is normally shown in shades of red. Most people can learn to understand the information presented in this visualization within a minute – even if that treemap is showing data representing an underlying database containing millions of records.

Stay on top of your mission critical field operations. The challenge for oil and gas producers today is to leverage critical field data available from regular inspection and monitoring to identify, assess and take action on operations problems that can interfere with production. HotLeap TRACKERTM assures that you systematically capture field data and use fast, easy and reliable visual data analysis techniques to keep your operation performing at its best.

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