Between FERC and a Hard Place

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is trying to avoid being drawn into the political battle over the regulatory agenda being pursued by the US EPA against fossil fuel emissions in the wave of new environmental regulations being issued by the agency.   US EPA knows it is only a few votes away from being overturned in Read more about Between FERC and a Hard Place[…]

FERC MACT Strategy: A Roadmap for Reliability or Mayhem?

In March 2011, US EPA created a regulatory and political firestorm when it published Boiler MACT rule (requiring Maximum Available Control Technology be used in boilers, incinerators and power generation plants);the rules set emission limits to reduce the effects of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) generated by industry from boilers and process heaters located at universities, Read more about FERC MACT Strategy: A Roadmap for Reliability or Mayhem?[…]

USEPA Cross State Air Rule threatens 55 GW of Power Generation

US EPA Cross State Air Rule messes with Texas in a big way. The reason ERCOT exists today is that the Lone Star State hated Federal regulation so much that it did everything in its power to avoid Federal Power Act jurisdiction and walled off Texas from the rest of the Eastern Interconnect to maintain Read more about USEPA Cross State Air Rule threatens 55 GW of Power Generation[…]

Hot Air Regulation!

It is risky business poking an angry California bear with new air regulations these days just when we are about to decide whether to suspend the muther-of-all greenhouse gas emission laws in the November election.  But just as early voting is about to begin here in California that is exactly what the clean air regulators Read more about Hot Air Regulation![…]