Defining Our Energy Sweet Spot

Today the energy buzz largely revolves around the rapid growth of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, smart grid and the use of new information technologies for demand response, energy efficiency and automation.  Clearly energy technology is playing a dramatic role in transforming the energy future to meet key public policy goals of Read more about Defining Our Energy Sweet Spot[…]

FAN and FRED Shoot Down PACE

There is something ironic about the actions of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac objecting to the property assessed clean energy program (PACE) because it may give the government priority in a bankruptcy or foreclosure proceeding for repayment of these energy efficiency loans ahead of the first mortgage holder. [1] Why is this ironic?  Because Fan Read more about FAN and FRED Shoot Down PACE[…]

Creating a Cleantech Water Challenge to Replace the California Water Wars

Water has been something to drink and fight over in California and the West since settlers first inhabited this vast dry area.  These stories of the building of the Los Angeles and San Francisco water systems contain enough material to make many Hollywood movies with plenty of roles for both heroes and villains. The reason Read more about Creating a Cleantech Water Challenge to Replace the California Water Wars[…]

Energy Innovation and Cleantech Investment

The White House sponsored a day long “bull session” (quit laughing and read) on May 7th with help from the Cleveland Foundation and the Kauffman Foundation.  The subject of the day was energy innovation and there was an interesting set of speakers.  You can watch video clips of the panel discussions online. I’m not sure Read more about Energy Innovation and Cleantech Investment[…]

A Funny Thing Happening on the Way to a Carbon Market

For several months now the Waxman-Markey bill has been considered dead on arrival in the Senate.  While Senator Kerry and a few others offered an alternative bill to keep the seat warm for the day when cap and trade might be resurrected no one expected it to happen until after the November 2010 election, if Read more about A Funny Thing Happening on the Way to a Carbon Market[…]

IBM+SAIC+JNPR+BRCD=My Smarter World Dream Team #3

This is the third in a series of brainstorms about combos of smart companies and great dreams for the technology enabled future.  In a rapidly consolidating cleantech sector great combos well executing could lead the way into a new American century of technology leadership and growth.  Beyond just smart grid’s focus on the electric power Read more about IBM+SAIC+JNPR+BRCD=My Smarter World Dream Team #3[…]

ObamaEnergy: The Grand Bargain Ahead!

Never let a Good Crisis go to Waste! Is the BP mess in the Gulf of Mexico a game changer or just a big mess?  As I watch the drip, drip, drip (no pun intended) of news reports on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, I can’t help but think that the other “black fuel” Read more about ObamaEnergy: The Grand Bargain Ahead![…]

Only 50/50 Smart Grid Odds of Success

The pace of consolidation among smart grid players is accelerating, but the probability of smart grid success is not getting better as more smart meters are installed. Why? The promise of smart grid is a seamlessly integrated digital electric system that enables the scalable growth of new technology applications to improve efficiency, brings cleaner renewable Read more about Only 50/50 Smart Grid Odds of Success[…]

Smart Grid, ABB and the Ventyx Acquisition

The May 10th announcement that ABB was acquiring Ventyx in a $1 billion deal was one of those “sucking sound” moments as competing companies and their CEOs took a deep breath and began to worry.  Much of what has been written in the trade press since the announcement has focused on the reasons ABB made Read more about Smart Grid, ABB and the Ventyx Acquisition[…]

Don’t Let the GOM Spill Glop Up our Future

The oil rig explosion and resulting spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a mess no one needs, and if it turns out it could have been prevented no one should tolerate.  A worse disaster, however, would be allowing this incident to derail America’s economic recovery and its energy future. The events of the oil Read more about Don’t Let the GOM Spill Glop Up our Future[…]