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The Search for New Energy Market Consultant Leadership

The energy industry has been turned on its head by the impacts of the recession, global energy competition, and new regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expand renewable energy, and make the power grid smarter. The insatiable energy demand from emerging economies is driving technology change making the oil patch more digital and accessible through Read more about The Search for New Energy Market Consultant Leadership[…]

The Big Shift in Energy is a Complete Reversal of Fortunes

As we all read the 2012 economic reports last year we collectively thought of the right technical terms—the results sucked!  GDP growth had slowed to 1.5%, unemployment rates remained stubbornly high at 8.2% over average nationwide but the damage to youth, black and Hispanic and those with less than college educations are still horrible.  Clearly we Read more about The Big Shift in Energy is a Complete Reversal of Fortunes[…]

Turning Convergence to Strategic Advantage

As the feed-in-tariff problems of Spain and, more recently, Germany caused major ripple effects around the world for renewable energy especially solar photovoltaic technology players, the United States has become the market of choice for global players in renewable energy.  The most recent evidence of that is the outpouring of capital from China being investing Read more about Turning Convergence to Strategic Advantage[…]