What’s Missing in the Romney Energy Plan?

“An affordable, reliable supply of energy is crucial to America’s economic future. I have a vision for an America that is an energy superpower, rapidly increasing our own production and partnering with our allies Canada and Mexico to achieve energy independence on this continent. If I am elected president, that vision will become a reality Read more about What’s Missing in the Romney Energy Plan?[…]

My 2012 Predictions

It is the time of the year when New Years Resolutions are made.  Usually these are personal goals like losing weight, exercising more, stop smoking, spend more time with family.   Business goals are not predictions, they require plans and action to make things happen.  As we head back to our usual routines in the new Read more about My 2012 Predictions[…]

The Quest by Dan Yergin

My old boss has a new book and, as usual, he has done a solid job of framing the energy issues we face in practical terms respecting the geopolitical and economic realities around us.  Like The Prize and Commanding Heights before it, The Quest will be a lasting contribution to both the literature and the Read more about The Quest by Dan Yergin[…]

Wind When We Need It

There is much to admire about Texas, and no, this is not a political commentary on Texas Governor Rick Perry or his run for President.  In the energy space, Texas has been a leader since Spindletop blew its top and put oil on the map for the Lone Star State.  Texas has also been a Read more about Wind When We Need It[…]

Debt Deal Warnings for Energy Subsidies

The drama that produced the deal to raise the national debt ceiling without increasing taxes is sending warning shots across the bow for many industries.  The message for energy subsidies including the tax credits and treasury tax grants for wind and solar as well as tax credits for oil and gas companies could not be Read more about Debt Deal Warnings for Energy Subsidies[…]

How Disruptive Technology is turning Domestic Energy Production into America’s Growth Engine

As Congress and the President spar over the political advantage or blame from our current debt crisis, disruptive technology is revving America’s potential for domestic energy production and turning it into a “game changer” in our claw back to economic growth.  This transformation is not happening in Washington, DC, it is happening deep in the Read more about How Disruptive Technology is turning Domestic Energy Production into America’s Growth Engine[…]

Disruptive Technology Rationalizes the Energy Supply Value Chain

Disruptive technology is transforming the energy value chain. That process of rationalizing is being aided by energy policies and regulations that seek to frustrate or punish ‘black fuels’ and aid and abet ‘green fuels’ in order to achieve the policy goals of a clean energy economy. But disruptive technology is an equal opportunity change agent Read more about Disruptive Technology Rationalizes the Energy Supply Value Chain[…]

Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future

Energy Secretary Chu announced his Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future summarizing the Administration’s strategy on energy issues.  That it was announced on the White House blog in advance of several campaign fundraising President Obama was making was probably no coincidence. The Blueprint is more a resuscitation of what the Administration has been saying and Read more about Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future[…]

Energy Convergence

Is there something the Democrats and Republicans in Congress can agree upon that the American public WANTS them to do?  The constant bickering and sparing for political points turns off most Americans, but the refusal to let the other party get credit for anything good is also preventing the good ideas from getting anywhere. What Read more about Energy Convergence[…]

Time for a Grand Bargain on Energy?

In the January 2011 Jeffrey Leonard, CEO of the Global Environment Fund, proposed eliminating all US Government energy subsidies in a Washington Monthly story which added up the cost of the subsidies to about $20 billion but from the story it is tough to figure out how he got to that number. Much of what Read more about Time for a Grand Bargain on Energy?[…]