Visualizing Disruptive Technology Pay-Off

We face today an enormous challenge of making sense of the complexity that swirls around us.  It is not just data; it is the context in which stuff is happening that could change the insight we get from the data.  It is not just volatility; it is the trade-off analysis that slows decisions for fear Read more about Visualizing Disruptive Technology Pay-Off[…]


TCLABZ Crowdsourced Scenario Process

These are the most exciting times in the electric power industry since Thomas Edison was alive—that’s both the bad news and the good.  The boom and bust forces of change are moving us through the correction stage of the power business cycle setting up a return to growth. What keeps investors and energy executive up Read more about TCLABZ Crowdsourced Scenario Process[…]


When Will Disruptive Technology Shift Power to Energy Customers?

Image via CrunchBase The power of disruptive technology to reshape and change the dynamics of competitive markets is not necessarily in the products we use.  Often it is in the ideas that make those products attractive to customers.  The more attractive the products the more transformational their use can be in competitive markets when customers Read more about When Will Disruptive Technology Shift Power to Energy Customers?[…]

Shale Growth in other Nations: How Realistic is it?

American leadership in developing horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing used in shale oil and gas plays is spreading around the world making it possible to extract previously uneconomic oil and natural gas resources from shale.  These resources are often called unconventional because the horizontal drilling and fracking are newer techniques than the conventional methods of Read more about Shale Growth in other Nations: How Realistic is it?[…]

The Big Shift in Energy is Not What You Think

The energy business cycle has always been dominated by boom and bust cycles.  Through changes in technology, economic conditions and regulation nothing has altered that cyclical pattern.  We have, however, seen driving forces of change affect the energy business cycle both for the good and not so good. The Big Shift in energy today is Read more about The Big Shift in Energy is Not What You Think[…]

Pure Essence of the Laws of Physics

Instantaneous, in perfect balance, universal—those are characteristics of the electric power grid.  Imagine anything else in your life with such exacting standards.  No, I am not talking about your honey–do list! More than 100 years after we learned to harness the laws of physics to create light, power machinery, and put it to work to Read more about Pure Essence of the Laws of Physics[…]

New Energy Realities: A Low Gas Prices Scenario

A funny thing is happening on the way to the clean energy future–reality is setting in. There is ‘incontrovertible evidence’ about the economic growth and job creating effects of America’s unconventional oil and gas production boom – more than 600,000 jobs directly attributable to shale gas development. Even President Obama is praising the job creating Read more about New Energy Realities: A Low Gas Prices Scenario[…]

Low Prices Always Low Prices

Low prices always low prices is the slogan taken by China’s wind and solar PV panel manufacturers.  It describes their global market strategy of flooding the market with equipment, driving down prices as a result of that glut and suctioning up feed in tariffs and other subsidies to help finance China’s export production growth.  For Read more about Low Prices Always Low Prices[…]

Spain Ends New Renewable FiT

Spain’s new Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy suspended the nation’s feed in tariff subsidies for all new renewable energy projects January 27, 2012 announcing that Spain could no longer afford it given its budget deficit.  There has been widespread trepidation that the FiT program would be cut, but the swift and decisive action suspending the program Read more about Spain Ends New Renewable FiT[…]

Are We Rushing the Smart Grid?

That was the interesting title of an article by Dick DeBasio, Chair of the IEEE 2030 Smart Grid Working Group.  That is the group tasked with developing the interoperability standards for the grid.  It has been a tedious slog for them and it must feel like little progress is being made. FERC recently rejected a Read more about Are We Rushing the Smart Grid?[…]