Shale Growth in other Nations: How Realistic is it?

American leadership in developing horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing used in shale oil and gas plays is spreading around the world making it possible to extract previously uneconomic oil and natural gas resources from shale.  These resources are often called unconventional because the horizontal drilling and fracking are newer techniques than the conventional methods of Read more about Shale Growth in other Nations: How Realistic is it?[…]

The Big Shift in Energy is Not What You Think

The energy business cycle has always been dominated by boom and bust cycles.  Through changes in technology, economic conditions and regulation nothing has altered that cyclical pattern.  We have, however, seen driving forces of change affect the energy business cycle both for the good and not so good. The Big Shift in energy today is Read more about The Big Shift in Energy is Not What You Think[…]

The Skunk at the Solar Lawn Party

Bloomberg New Energy Finance held a workshop presentation of its Q2:2012 outlook for photovoltaic panels that has attracted a lot of attention.  The story of about the story at this presentation became itself a story in Forbes when the workshop slides were leaked to Forbes by BNEF who then complained when Forbes used them.  DUH! Read more about The Skunk at the Solar Lawn Party[…]

Corporate Spring

That was how CEO Marc Benioff described what was happening in the tech world of enterprise software.  Benioff used that play on words in a recent presentation to describe the same kind of disruptive technology disintermediation as the Arab Spring was causing in the Middle East as a result of the rise of social Read more about Corporate Spring[…]

Investing in America's Mojo

All around us we are beginning to see signs of an economic Spring from the private sector, but not yet in jobs which are always the lagging indicator of recovery.   Among the evidence is the announcement by Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini of a new corporate initiative called the “Invest in America Alliance” Read more about Investing in America's Mojo[…]

Turning Convergence to Strategic Advantage

As the feed-in-tariff problems of Spain and, more recently, Germany caused major ripple effects around the world for renewable energy especially solar photovoltaic technology players, the United States has become the market of choice for global players in renewable energy.  The most recent evidence of that is the outpouring of capital from China being investing Read more about Turning Convergence to Strategic Advantage[…]