Volatility is a Wonderful Thing

Volatility is a wonderful thing.  It not only brings profits to some willing to take risk, it punishes the foolish and teaches them lessons that make them stronger.  Some days just aren’t that great in times of volatility, but we keep going because we believe that tomorrow will be better, that we will be wiser Read more about Volatility is a Wonderful Thing[…]

Will our Workforce be Ready for Smart Grid?

The economic reports continue to trickle in and fears of a double dip recession are abating.  Too bad it does not yet feel like recovery.  Economists tell us that employment growth is typically a lagging indicator and so it is this time as well.  There are enough data points for experts to characterize this recovery Read more about Will our Workforce be Ready for Smart Grid?[…]

Turning Convergence to Strategic Advantage

As the feed-in-tariff problems of Spain and, more recently, Germany caused major ripple effects around the world for renewable energy especially solar photovoltaic technology players, the United States has become the market of choice for global players in renewable energy.  The most recent evidence of that is the outpouring of capital from China being investing Read more about Turning Convergence to Strategic Advantage[…]