To Nuke or Not to Nuke: That is the EU Debate

The nuclear problems in Japan caused by the earthquake and tsunami are creating their own tsunami in Europe by raising anew the long simmering debate over the future of nuclear power in the EU.  While the Germans and the French see eye to eye on many things having to do with how the EU should Read more about To Nuke or Not to Nuke: That is the EU Debate[…]


As Japan continues to reel from its triple whammy of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, the ripple effects are spreading around the world.  More than boats in a California harbor are being swamped by these events. Worries about global economic recovery grow as the third largest economy in the world is crippled by events.  Oil Read more about Aftershocks![…]

Irrational Fear of Technology

The media is consumed by the Japanese nuclear power plant problem caused by the earthquake and tsunami hyping it as the next Chernobyl.  Make no mistake it is a big problem.  But the coverage the past few days has raised new questions about the safety of nuclear power in the United States and around the Read more about Irrational Fear of Technology[…]

Japan’s Nuclear Power Plants Damaged but, So Far, a Safety Success

The damage to several of Japan’s nuclear power facilities is a big economic loss to a nation so dependent upon them.  But despite that damage and the problems we’re read about in controlling it, the design and expertise of the Japanese operators warrants praise.  The outer structure of the facility has been badly damaged but Read more about Japan’s Nuclear Power Plants Damaged but, So Far, a Safety Success[…]

Turning Convergence to Strategic Advantage

As the feed-in-tariff problems of Spain and, more recently, Germany caused major ripple effects around the world for renewable energy especially solar photovoltaic technology players, the United States has become the market of choice for global players in renewable energy.  The most recent evidence of that is the outpouring of capital from China being investing Read more about Turning Convergence to Strategic Advantage[…]