EPA Plays ‘The Hunger Games’ with Coal

The US EPA proposed new rules March 27, 2012 that limit the amount of carbon dioxide that may be emitted at new US power plants.  The notice of proposed rulemaking was careful to point out that the proposed rules would not apply to existing power plants, modified plants or those under construction. The practical effect Read more about EPA Plays ‘The Hunger Games’ with Coal[…]

EPA burned by Proposed Biomass Rules

“We are working to find a way forward that is scientifically sound and manageable for both producers and consumers of biomass energy. In the coming years we will develop a commonsense approach that protects our environment and encourages the use of clean energy. Renewable, homegrown power sources are essential to our energy future, and an Read more about EPA burned by Proposed Biomass Rules[…]

Coal in Your Christmas Stocking

“We are following through on our commitment to proceed in a measured and careful way to reduce [greenhouse gas] pollution that threatens the health and welfare of Americans, and contributes to climate change.” —EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson in December 23rd press statement. “We’re pleased that EPA is working to deliberately bring this dangerous pollution under Read more about Coal in Your Christmas Stocking[…]