EIPC Insufficiency

There is much to admire in Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative (EIPC) the consortium of over two dozen electric system planning authorities from thirty-nine US states and two provinces in Eastern Canada that make up the Eastern Interconnect, the giant power grid that covers this vast part of North America.  But scenario planning at least what Read more about EIPC Insufficiency[…]

Are We Rushing the Smart Grid?

That was the interesting title of an article by Dick DeBasio, Chair of the IEEE 2030 Smart Grid Working Group.  That is the group tasked with developing the interoperability standards for the grid.  It has been a tedious slog for them and it must feel like little progress is being made. FERC recently rejected a Read more about Are We Rushing the Smart Grid?[…]

Renewable Energy Buyers Remorse: How Big a Risk?

Municipal utilities have been good laboratories for experimentation because they are close to customers and generally risk averse.  Munis have been among the most assertive buyers and strongest advocates of renewable energy.  Generally free of state rate regulation, public power has been able to plan and executive strategies and deals that push the envelope of Read more about Renewable Energy Buyers Remorse: How Big a Risk?[…]

USDOE to FERC—Never mind!

Maybe Energy Secretary Steve Chu felt he had enough battles to fight on Capitol Hill with the Solyndra mess.  Maybe he felt it was impolitic to pick a fight a fight the state public utility commissions.  Maybe he took Senator Bingaman’s advice not to do it to heart. Whatever the reason, USDOE blinked today and Read more about USDOE to FERC—Never mind![…]

FERC Order 1000 is Looking Busy, while Not Solving the Electric Transmission Problems

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) adopted Order 1000 on July 21, 2011 to push the line of scrimmage a little closer to the goal without getting sacked in the process.  Order 1000 attempts to speed up resolution of transmission issues by: Requiring a regional transmission planning process; Setting procedures to reconcile differing public policy Read more about FERC Order 1000 is Looking Busy, while Not Solving the Electric Transmission Problems[…]

Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future

Energy Secretary Chu announced his Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future summarizing the Administration’s strategy on energy issues.  That it was announced on the White House blog in advance of several campaign fundraising President Obama was making was probably no coincidence. The Blueprint is more a resuscitation of what the Administration has been saying and Read more about Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future[…]

Want Wind? Build Transmission!

“China vaulted past competitors in Denmark, Germany, Spain and the United States last year to become the world’s largest maker of wind turbines, and is poised to expand even further this year.” That was the headline in the New York Times blog Green a year ago as the press office of China’s Government made sure Read more about Want Wind? Build Transmission![…]

Sustainable Revolution for All

Never Let a Good Revolution Go to Waste! The revolutionary fervor sweeping the Middle East is both exciting and scary at the same time.  There is hope for change that will bring more freedom and opportunity to people long oppressed.  But there is fear that the lack of a tradition of democracy, rule of law Read more about Sustainable Revolution for All[…]

Appeals Court Vacates NIETC

“In the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Congress specifically directed DOE to undertake a Congestion Study “in consultation with affected States.” 16 U.S.C. § 824p(a)(1). It further directed that in undertaking this study and in designating any national interest electric transmission corridors, DOE was to comply with NEPA. We determine that DOE failed to consult Read more about Appeals Court Vacates NIETC[…]

Wind Chills

The headlines read ‘the wind industry survived a brutal 2010 and just barely got its life saving cash tax grant subsidy extension from congress at year end.’  Variations of that theme were repeated over and over again using the talking points from the American Wind Energy Association to remind us in case we forgot the Read more about Wind Chills[…]