Occupy Green Energy

Several things caught my eye over the weekend as I sipped my coffee and read the papers on a sunny Sunday here in the San Francisco Bay Area—and they all seemed to revolve around the strange but galvanizing influence of the occupy movement. Close to home, Occupy Oakland rebuilt in Oakland City Hall Plaza after Read more about Occupy Green Energy[…]

We’re Not in the Mood!

That could be one conclusion you might draw from a first look at the 2010 Census data for the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties showing a drop in the number of children under 18. What! No wonder we are crabby here, you say. But you better check the data for your own hometown—you might Read more about We’re Not in the Mood![…]

Energy Implications of the 2010 Census

The early snapshot results from the 2010 Census are out and they offer insight and uncertainty for California and many other energy markets, and they challenge the infrastructure strategy conventional wisdom across the nation. The census data across the nation tell a story of a move on the move. The populations of the Southern and Read more about Energy Implications of the 2010 Census[…]

California Legislative Redistricting Commission Could Change Everything

In the November 2010 election not a single incumbent Congress member or state legislator was voted out of office in California.  That this happened is not unusual but it spoke volumes to voters in an election cycle when across the nation voters turned out incumbents in droves. The voters spoke again! For the first time, Read more about California Legislative Redistricting Commission Could Change Everything[…]

California After the Election: Green Vanguard or Out of Touch and Out of Time?

In the reading of tea leaves after the 2010 election, most of the ink being spilled is focused on the humbling of President Obama and the resurrection of Republicans in Congress.  Here in California, Senator Boxer was re-elected and Jerry Brown beat billionaire Meg Whitman for Governor.  Prop 19 failed to legalize pot but so Read more about California After the Election: Green Vanguard or Out of Touch and Out of Time?[…]

Hot Air Regulation!

It is risky business poking an angry California bear with new air regulations these days just when we are about to decide whether to suspend the muther-of-all greenhouse gas emission laws in the November election.  But just as early voting is about to begin here in California that is exactly what the clean air regulators Read more about Hot Air Regulation![…]