We’re Not in the Mood!

That could be one conclusion you might draw from a first look at the 2010 Census data for the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties showing a drop in the number of children under 18. What! No wonder we are crabby here, you say. But you better check the data for your own hometown—you might Read more about We’re Not in the Mood![…]

Life with My PG&E Smart Meter after One Year

My PG&E Smart Meter was installed in December 2009 so I thought it time to review my first year experience and what I have learned.  The PG&E contractor installed the smart meter in just a few minutes and it worked fine.  No problems with meter operation. Customer Contact from PG&E About a month after my Read more about Life with My PG&E Smart Meter after One Year[…]

California's High Speed Railroad to Nowhere

In a state in as much fiscal peril as Ireland or Greece not only did California return nearly every incumbent to office now something even more absurd is about to happen. The California High Speed Rail system is not only the largest single recipient of stimulus spending with $3.5 billion to date not counting state Read more about California's High Speed Railroad to Nowhere[…]

The PG&E Blunders Just Keep Coming

More Smart Meter embarrassments for PG&E piled up this week and none of it was pretty. The next time you see an image of a medieval scene where the patient is being slowly bled to cure him of his illness, you know how PG&E CEO Pete Darbee must feel these days as the bad press Read more about The PG&E Blunders Just Keep Coming[…]

California: The Alternative Election Universe

This morning in California it feels a little like we’re emerging from an episode of the TV show Fringe where the characters flash from one universe to another battling each other. While San Francisco will welcome home the World Series Champion Giants with a parade, in some ways it is de ja vu all over Read more about California: The Alternative Election Universe[…]

What Should Pete Darbee Do to Get PG&E's Customer Service Groove Back?

I get asked why I spend so much time writing about PG&E.  The answer is my home town utility is one of the best at what it does—but being the best utility may not be enough to save the traditional investor owned utility business model as the waves of disruptive technology and the changes they Read more about What Should Pete Darbee Do to Get PG&E's Customer Service Groove Back?[…]

Are Utilities Learning Anything from the Bakersfield Effect?

There are two recent news stories about what Oncor and PG&E are doing to respond to their smart meter customer pushback experiences. Oncor Energy Delivery in Texas said it learned the hard way that perception is reality at least in the customer’s eyes according to spokesperson Carol Peters in a recent Intelligent Utility interview. “Customers Read more about Are Utilities Learning Anything from the Bakersfield Effect?[…]

California Faces the Music

As California voters go to the polls Tuesday for primary election, incumbents are worried. The Golden State is facing a $19 billion budget deficit and most of the incumbent politicians are running for cover. But it is the local officials rather than the state leaders who seem to get it. California’s cities, counties and school Read more about California Faces the Music[…]

French Kissed in San Francisco

Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco announced that he is sending lay-off notices this week to 15,000 of the 24,000 employees of the City and County of San Francisco. [1] San Francisco like the rest of California’s cities and counties is in the midst of a financial emergency and faces a $522 million budget deficit Read more about French Kissed in San Francisco[…]