Visualizing Disruptive Technology Pay-Off

We face today an enormous challenge of making sense of the complexity that swirls around us.  It is not just data; it is the context in which stuff is happening that could change the insight we get from the data.  It is not just volatility; it is the trade-off analysis that slows decisions for fear Read more about Visualizing Disruptive Technology Pay-Off[…]

Fear of Smart Grid Stall-Out

As smart meter deployment reaches saturation points across North America there is disquiet about what is next.  It all seemed too fast and too easy.  The idea of smarter power grids was seductive promising reduced line losses, more efficient integration of renewable energy, happiness, prosperity for all.  You see my point? We’ve reached what the Read more about Fear of Smart Grid Stall-Out[…]

Are We Rushing the Smart Grid?

That was the interesting title of an article by Dick DeBasio, Chair of the IEEE 2030 Smart Grid Working Group.  That is the group tasked with developing the interoperability standards for the grid.  It has been a tedious slog for them and it must feel like little progress is being made. FERC recently rejected a Read more about Are We Rushing the Smart Grid?[…]

Smart Grid and Beer Futures

Smart Grid is reaching a rough patch on the road to the promised land of our clean energy future.  Oh we’re installing smart meters everywhere, but that is the easy part.  And besides many of those smart meters were paid for with stimulus money that is, pardon the pun, unsustainable.  But now that we have Read more about Smart Grid and Beer Futures[…]

"Pull" Disruptive Technologies and our Customer-driven Distributed Energy Future

The energy industry is being turned on its head by the transformative power of disruptive technologies such as smart grid, renewable energy choices for power supply, and the analytics tools that shift power from traditional energy suppliers to customers. We are moving from the stealth phase of this disruptive technology cycle as customers become more Read more about "Pull" Disruptive Technologies and our Customer-driven Distributed Energy Future[…]

National Demand Response Action Plan Message to Customers: You Win!

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) required US DOE and FERC to prepare a National Action Plan on Demand Response and tell Congress what it would take and by whom to achieve the potential of demand response.  On July 11, 2011 the agencies delivered their report.  The report was more a retrospective Read more about National Demand Response Action Plan Message to Customers: You Win![…]

Smart Energy Data Privacy

UPDATED: July 29, 2011 The disruptive new technology opportunities unleashed by smart meters and the data they produce has provoked a debate over who will gain access to that smart meter data and what can they do with it. Recently, the California Public Utilities Commission opened R.08.12.009, a rulemaking proceeding on smart meter data privacy.  Read more about Smart Energy Data Privacy[…]

Smart Grid Sector Consolidation Drives R&D for Integrated Solutions

The consolidation phase is underway in the fragmented smart grid sector. Smart meter deployment is capturing most of the attention but it masks the scramble underway to bring together the technology, expertise and scale needed to make smart grid profitable and make those meters ‘used and useful’ enough to warrant the cost.  Tension between customer Read more about Smart Grid Sector Consolidation Drives R&D for Integrated Solutions[…]

Smart Meter Makers Act II

What’s next for Smart Meter Manufacturers? As the pace of smart meter installation has grown so have the problems facing the companies that make them.  The biggest problem near term has been depending upon utilities to adequately engage customers in the process of smart meter deployment and addressing their concerns including meter accuracy, electromagnetic field Read more about Smart Meter Makers Act II[…]

Smart Grid Tipping Point is Sooner than Jesse Berst Thinks

On June 1st I wrote about Android@Home in a post entitled “Who will control the Gateway to Utility Customers?”  In it I argued that the debate about smart grids, renewable energy, emissions reduction and the other issues driving the utility industry today is a distraction BECAUSE the real battle being fought is for control of Read more about Smart Grid Tipping Point is Sooner than Jesse Berst Thinks[…]