Could Solyndra's Failure turn into Customer Benefits

The fallout from the Solyndra bankruptcy has turned the entire US DOE loan guarantee program into a political food fight.  The President is wisely silent on the issue, but his Republican rivals are like pigs at the trough over the headline grabbing incident in an effort both to tarnish President Obama as well as score Read more about Could Solyndra's Failure turn into Customer Benefits[…]

Solyndra as Icarus

“Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology has shown impressive price reductions over the last 20 years, and the outlook for the coming years is even brighter, with the potential for further generation cost decline of 50% by 2020. But already today, PV electricity is cheaper than many people think. In the coming years, the technology will become Read more about Solyndra as Icarus[…]

Lessons from Evergreen Solar

Evergreen Solar is not sustainable—that is the conclusion of the Massachusetts Economic Assistance Coordinating Council, the Commonwealth board charged with overseeing tax breaks to business that voted May19, 2011 to end the 20-year, $15 million property tax break and terminate the $7.5 million in state tax credits for Evergreen Solar Inc., two months after the Read more about Lessons from Evergreen Solar[…]

Last Mile Problems for Renewable Energy are a Signpost of Mainstream Success

By any measure, renewable energy especially wind and solar have been real success stories. Their growth has been facilitated by the mother’s milk of Federal subsidies and state renewable portfolio standards.  The renewable industry has grown from a fragmented collection of mom and pop businesses to a consolidating web of global companies increasingly controlled by Read more about Last Mile Problems for Renewable Energy are a Signpost of Mainstream Success[…]

Spain Slashes Solar FiT didn't Fix the Problem

Spain is having a solar FiT. The Spanish government followed through on its plan announced last June to cut the feed-in-tariff above market premium paid to solar developers.  Being a skilled politician, Spain’s Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian told the solar producers then that he planned to cut subsidies to both new plants AND existing plants Read more about Spain Slashes Solar FiT didn't Fix the Problem[…]

Is Cleantech Ignoring Energy Fundamentals?

The energy and utility landscape is changing rapidly and radically as a consequence of the recession, state mandates for renewable energy, demand response and energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.  As regulators try to implement the climate change and clean energy aspirations of politicians the opportunities presented are attracting new players bringing new technology. Read more about Is Cleantech Ignoring Energy Fundamentals?[…]

California Sues Feds over PACE

California Attorney General Jerry Brown, also the Democrat candidate for Governor, sued the Federal Government asking the Federal Court to enjoin FAN and FRED from blocking the PACE—property assessed clean energy program.[1] [2] In an action filed July 14th, Brown said that under California law the tax assessments agreed to in the PACE program are Read more about California Sues Feds over PACE[…]

Defining Our Energy Sweet Spot

Today the energy buzz largely revolves around the rapid growth of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, smart grid and the use of new information technologies for demand response, energy efficiency and automation.  Clearly energy technology is playing a dramatic role in transforming the energy future to meet key public policy goals of Read more about Defining Our Energy Sweet Spot[…]

MEMO TO UTILITIES: Innovate or Else

For investor owned electric power utilities, our current economic, market and ratemaking conditions today look a lot like the beginning of the 1970’s.  After a period of real growth, demand has stalled along with the economy, new technologies are being introduced and loom over the industry, and the spending binge of the Federal government risks Read more about MEMO TO UTILITIES: Innovate or Else[…]