Smart Grid History: The Bad, the Good, and the Revenge of the Customers

When the short history of smart grid is written someday, I predict it will include four chapters: Government industrial policy and political correctness Market rationalization of the policy mistakes Customer aggregation, choice and revenge The return to rational energy economic equilibrium In Chapter 1 we will hear all about the first phase of smart grid Read more about Smart Grid History: The Bad, the Good, and the Revenge of the Customers[…]


Disruptive Technology is Driving New Ways of Learning

I was surprised at the comments I received about my rant about the need for disintermediation to transform higher education.  You can read them yourself, but the sense of the comments is that neither students, parents nor employers thinks the system serves their interests.  My call to consider disruptive technology changes in the way higher Read more about Disruptive Technology is Driving New Ways of Learning[…]


Recurring Revenue Business Models Work

The use of recurring revenue strategies can enhance the valuation of any company by improving the predictability of organic revenue growth and improving EBITDA by using best practices and repeatable solutions to reduce the cost of goods sold.  Whether the firm is building products or providing consulting or other services leveraging that intellectual property creation Read more about Recurring Revenue Business Models Work[…]

Put America’s 'Spare' Oil Productive Capacity to Work

Global oil prices are driven by a ‘rule of thumb’ that suggests prices will go up when the spare capacity of oil available on any given day is less than 5% of expected global demand.  In today’s high priced oil market that swing in spare capacity is about 2%. This a big deal because traders Read more about Put America’s 'Spare' Oil Productive Capacity to Work[…]

The ‘Death Rattle’ of Carbon Policy

In both the EU and the US carbon policy correctness has run its course having been discredited by scandal, the persistence of scientific method, and public pressure to recognize market realities. The proponents of carbon policy changes are caught between panic and despair. They came so close to implementing their policy regimes, and cannot now Read more about The ‘Death Rattle’ of Carbon Policy[…]

EPA Plays ‘The Hunger Games’ with Coal

The US EPA proposed new rules March 27, 2012 that limit the amount of carbon dioxide that may be emitted at new US power plants.  The notice of proposed rulemaking was careful to point out that the proposed rules would not apply to existing power plants, modified plants or those under construction. The practical effect Read more about EPA Plays ‘The Hunger Games’ with Coal[…]

Sackett’s Sack US EPA at Supreme Court 9-0

This was a victory worth savoring. The US Supreme Court in a 9-0 ruling overturned a lower court decision denying judicial review of an enforcement action decision by the US EPA  assertion that their property was a wetland. You may have seen this story on TV. It is a classic David and Goliath story of Read more about Sackett’s Sack US EPA at Supreme Court 9-0[…]

Solar Goldilocks Symbolism in Tariff Decision

Not too big.  Not too small.  It was just right! That seems to be the key takeaway from the decision by the US Government to impose import duties on China solar panels ranging from 2.9 percent to 4.73 percent to match the level of government subsidies received by the Chinese manufacturers.  The US International Trade Read more about Solar Goldilocks Symbolism in Tariff Decision[…]

Between FERC and a Hard Place

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is trying to avoid being drawn into the political battle over the regulatory agenda being pursued by the US EPA against fossil fuel emissions in the wave of new environmental regulations being issued by the agency.   US EPA knows it is only a few votes away from being overturned in Read more about Between FERC and a Hard Place[…]

Is Bill Clinton in Hillary’s Doghouse over Keystone XL Pipeline?

Every husband has been there.  It is not a good place to be. But when you are the former President of the United States and your wife is the current Secretary of State charged with carrying water for her boss on the Keystone XL pipeline project, prudence suggests caution when exercising your First Amendment rights Read more about Is Bill Clinton in Hillary’s Doghouse over Keystone XL Pipeline?[…]