Is California Proposition 23 Strike 3 for Climate Change?

First it was meltdown of a global climate change treaty at COP15 then Waxman-Markey legislation failed to thrive in Congress—now Proposition 23 to suspend the California Global Warming Solutions Act could be the third strike for environmental advocates. The political calculus is being reset after the Senate failed to muster the 60 votes to pass Read more about Is California Proposition 23 Strike 3 for Climate Change?[…]

EIX Sticks with Coal

“The Electric power business has the potential to change more in the next 10 years than it did over the last 100 years.”[1] That was the unsurprising statement in the Southern California Edison (EIX) second quarter conference call for investors.  The slide presentation provides an interesting snapshot of SCE’s view of the current markets and Read more about EIX Sticks with Coal[…]

Climate Change Plan B: Exercise Presidential Authority

“Congress’s inability to cap U.S. carbon emissions contributed to the failure to reach a global climate treaty last year in Copenhagen,” said PCAP Executive Director William Becker. “It now appears that Congress has failed again just months before international negotiators are set to reconvene. “Congress has passed the ball back to President Obama,” Becker said. Read more about Climate Change Plan B: Exercise Presidential Authority[…]

Wind Energy’s Growing Pains

Did you see the press statement from American Wind Energy Association Denise Bode about first half 2010 wind installations?[1] “It’s dismal and getting worse. In the first half of this year, we are down 70 percent in terms of wind installation, and we continue to see a drop in new manufacturing activity. We need action.  Read more about Wind Energy’s Growing Pains[…]

Climate Change Hits the Fan

Senate Majority Leader announced that he did not have the 60 votes to pass a climate change bill so the Senate was moving on to other business.  This was not new news, but it set off a food fight among the advocates of Waxman-Markey or variations of it to deal with climate change. The irony Read more about Climate Change Hits the Fan[…]

Tesla Power & Light?

Two events make for an interesting convergence of interests for the electric power and transportation sectors.  I’m not sure if this is a bullet train or a train wreck ahead but it could be transformational either way.  These events are the Tesla Motors IPO and the word leaking out of Washington that the broad cap Read more about Tesla Power & Light?[…]

Will California Voters Suspend AB32 in November ballot?

California will hold a referendum on global warming on its November 2010 ballot—and one on whether to legalize pot for personal use.  Far Out, man!—as Cheech and Chong might say! California Secretary of State certified the proposition to suspend the California Global Warming Solutions Act as qualified for the November General Election ballot with more Read more about Will California Voters Suspend AB32 in November ballot?[…]

Energy Innovation and Cleantech Investment

The White House sponsored a day long “bull session” (quit laughing and read) on May 7th with help from the Cleveland Foundation and the Kauffman Foundation.  The subject of the day was energy innovation and there was an interesting set of speakers.  You can watch video clips of the panel discussions online. I’m not sure Read more about Energy Innovation and Cleantech Investment[…]

A Funny Thing Happening on the Way to a Carbon Market

For several months now the Waxman-Markey bill has been considered dead on arrival in the Senate.  While Senator Kerry and a few others offered an alternative bill to keep the seat warm for the day when cap and trade might be resurrected no one expected it to happen until after the November 2010 election, if Read more about A Funny Thing Happening on the Way to a Carbon Market[…]

ObamaEnergy: The Grand Bargain Ahead!

Never let a Good Crisis go to Waste! Is the BP mess in the Gulf of Mexico a game changer or just a big mess?  As I watch the drip, drip, drip (no pun intended) of news reports on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, I can’t help but think that the other “black fuel” Read more about ObamaEnergy: The Grand Bargain Ahead![…]