Spending Like There Will Be No Tomorrow

The US Department of Energy Loan Program Office (LPO) is quite proud of its work. When you go to the Our Projects page it explains that “LPO is one of the largest and most productive energy project finance operations in the world and has committed over $30 billion to support 42 clean energy projects.  These Read more about Spending Like There Will Be No Tomorrow[…]

Wind When We Need It

There is much to admire about Texas, and no, this is not a political commentary on Texas Governor Rick Perry or his run for President.  In the energy space, Texas has been a leader since Spindletop blew its top and put oil on the map for the Lone Star State.  Texas has also been a Read more about Wind When We Need It[…]

Wind Industry Fears Mainstream Status

The wind industry is an unqualified success adding 5,116 MW of capacity in 2010, a 15% increase in the US for a total installed US capacity of 40,181 MW and a whooping 38.3 GW worldwide—an amazing 24% increase. With Congressional action extending the Section 1603 treasury tax grants program at the end of 2010, wind Read more about Wind Industry Fears Mainstream Status[…]

Wind and the Cooling Water Wars

I have chided the wind industry for being constant ‘whiners’ because virtually every press release from AWEA and every wind story is complaining about the lack of a renewable energy standard, the uncertainty of subsidies and tax grants and other factors that remind us how ‘on the dole’ the wind business continues to be. It Read more about Wind and the Cooling Water Wars[…]

'What the Wind' is Going On!

Total U.S. wind installed reached 40,180 megawatts by year-end 2010 with installation of 5,115 MW of new wind energy last year.  This was down by half from the 10,000 MW installed in 2009.  Meanwhile, China installed 16,000 mw of new wind in 2010 bring its total installed capacity to 41,800 MW passing the US for Read more about 'What the Wind' is Going On![…]

Wind Energy as Election Collateral Damage

Wind Worries It is Collateral Damage The wind industry is starting to panic.  The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported that just 395 megawatts of wind generation was installed in the third quarter of 2010.  Through the end of September 2010 year capacity additions were 1,634 megawatts, down 72 percent year-over-year and the lowest point Read more about Wind Energy as Election Collateral Damage[…]

California CARB Math

California CARB Math:  How 33% Really Gets You 57% RPS Let’s see—the Governor is termed out and the election draws near for his replacement.  His executive order requiring 33% renewable portfolio standards by 2020 will sunset with him. The State Legislature failed to enact the 33% requirement into law.  The looming November election has a Read more about California CARB Math[…]