Jason McMahan: A Life Well Visualized

Jason McMahan was 43 years old when he died suddenly of a heart attack in April, 2012.  A colleague from our days together at Global Energy Decisions, Jason was the founder of EnerMAP one of the companies acquired by Global Energy and a skilled cartographer by profession.

It is always hard to explain why someone in the prime of their life would have that life suddenly cut short.  It is even harder to find words of condolence that seem in any way adequately to comfort stunned parents Jane and Ron McMahan at such a loss.  Every parent shudders at the very thought of losing a child no matter what the age.  It just isn’t the way life is supposed to work.

Jason had a material and important impact on our Global Energy Decisions growth and credibility.  In my Global Energy Advisors division his work helped our clients “see the insight” in the data visualizing their future in ways that words alone cannot convey.  His skill projected our work into markets when we needed it most to scale our business and build our credibility.

My tribute to Jason and my thanks for his talent, skill and vision are best displayed in the work he loved and produced for us with the professionalism, precision and care that was true to the kind of guy he was each time, every time.

Jason’s circle is complete and the rest of us are reminded once again to live each day of ours intentionally and fully and joyfully.